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I began my exploration of the plants in the wild as a young girl on the Olympic Peninsula. I spent twenty years as a school teacher in various alternative settings including Montessori schools and a school for homeless children in Seattle. From my very first year as a teacher, I taught gardening and earth connection to my students.

About ten years ago I took a class from a local herbalist, Eaglesong of Ravencroft Garden. I was not prepared for the profound connection I felt in hearing about the wisdom of the earth and the Wise Woman Tradition. Since then I have apprenticed with Susun Weed at her farm in NY and studied with many other herbalists around the country. The plants continue to be my most profound teachers.

I started selling herbal products about as soon as I began making them. My flourishing, small business Crow's Daughter's Earthly Goods has been in operation for about ten years now. I am inspired by the subtle healing ways of the plants and the nourishing qualities of the herbs I craft and sell. I feel that I am not just a retail company but a resource as well for those seeking to heal themselves.

Nine years ago I began to teach the Wise Woman Way of herbs and nourishment.  Six year ago I was called to initiate Crow's Laughter Mystery School. It is my delight to offer Wise Woman teaching on Whidbey Island and around Puget Sound. What I offer in my classes and apprenticeships is unique. Not only will you learn about herbal medicine and plants, you will also learn to see through different eyes and listen deeply. The subtleties of studying the Wise Woman Tradition will change your life forever.

tadd and julie at lake wenatcheeIn December of 2004, my beloved consort, Taddeusz and I purchased a little farm in the Maxwelton Valley here on Whidbey Island. We are surrounded by wild roses and an abundance of other native plants and weeds as well as incredible birds and insects, coyotes, deer and rabbits. We have now completed our first big project: a large, fenced in garden near our house. We have incorporated permaculture techniques into its design. This beautiful garden has given us an abundance of ripe tomatoes, zuchinni, pumpkins, borage, turnips, kale, rhutabegas, honey dew melon, fingerling potatoes, delicata squash, calendula, motherwort, skullcap, dandelion, burdock...

I am so awed by our beautiful earth! Whether you come to visit us and take classes or buy and use our herbal creations, you will be inspired to discover the incredible beauty and peace within you and its mirror in the natural world around you.

Green Blessings and Peace to you all,
Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter

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